19 // they/them // blesbian (big lesbian) // michigan


I'm big into video games lately and idk if my interests are going to switch back ever again so if you followed me back in my anime days... I'm sorry and thanks for sticking around

my interests include:
games: dragon age, pillars of eternity, fallout, mass effect, overwatch, and tes, also like lots of other ones but those are the mains

comics: snotgirl, saga, and other less popular stuff (rat queens, sleepless, we(l)come back) but I mostly post comics on my livetweet account so dw I won't spam

movies books and tv shows: a misc grab bag of scifi/fantasy/etc- I do really like tolkien so probably some lotr

podcasts: I'm currently listening to critrole, friends at the table, and the penumbra podcast! I'm also into: taz, starship iris, eos 10, wolf 359 and king falls AM! if you have any recommendations I'd love that too

more info

tumblr #1 | tumblr #2
discord: andorians #3586
personal/livetweet/locked twitter

icon credit: rat queens
little pixel landscapes used in here: mark ferrari (living worlds calendar/mtg: battlemage)

usual dfi stuff applies, if you're homophobic/transphobic/racist/a terf/etc I'll block

please don't follow if you don't believe in nb or he/him lesbians or if you believe in 'monosexual privilege'. I don't want to see this discourse anymore lmao

also, don't follow if you like... extremely hate any specific characters I post about like idk why you'd want to follow anyways but its just tiring

I usually like tweets just if I see them to b supportive or w/e, so if that makes u uncomfortable let me know (also, I don't rt personal things on purpose so if I do accidentally and u don't like that: tell me and I'll delete it!)

I try to keep my more depressing or potentially triggering messages on my priv account, and I usually don't post anything gore-y or sensitive in that way, but if you need something tagged lemme know!

I also only sb in the case of like, posting nasty stuff, so don't worry. If our interests don't align anymore I won't unfollow unless you do first!

also, I know everyone says this, but feel free to message me at any time!!!

dragon age disclaimer I guess: I like.. dont want to engage in a bunch of discourse and there arent any main characters I outright hate so at the most I'll post like..... jokes or something but its really not that deep to me & I'm not gonna get mad at you for liking/disliking someone.

Mostly I just post about loving merrill, leliana & the other ladies! plus zev. and also alistair.

also just to be clear 'you do you' is all about reasonable stuff.... if you like incest or something else nasty then don't follow