19 // they/them // blesbian (big lesbian) // michigan


I'm big video game gay lately and idk if my interests are going to switch back ever again so if you followed me back in my bnha days... I'm sorry and thanks for sticking around

my interests include:
games: fallout, mass effect, dragon age, overwatch, stardew valley, and darkest dungeon

comics: snotgirl, saga, and other less popular stuff (rat queens, sleepless, we(l)come back)

movies and tv shows: I like scifi and robots and spy stuff, but also high fantasty. the duality of man

podcasts: I'm currently listening to the penumbra podcast and campaign, and I'm also into: taz, starship iris, eos 10, wolf 359 and king falls AM! if you have any recommendations I'd love that too

more info

discord: andorians #3586
more personal/vent account
livetweet/messy interest account

I was going to put a list of fave characters here but it was honestly getting way too long so that feature has been cut

icon credit: xena warrior princess (2016) comic
little pixel landscapes used in here: mark ferrari (living worlds calendar/mtg: battlemage)

usual dfi stuff applies, if you are homophobic/transphobic/a terf/etc I'll block

please don't follow if you don't believe in nb lesbians/believe lesbians don't face discrimination. I'm just trying to live my life and this is exhausting

I try to keep my more depressing or potentially triggering messages on my priv account, and I usually don't post anything gore-y or sensitive in that way, but if you need something tagged lemme know!

I also only sb in the case of like, posting nasty stuff, so don't worry. If our interests don't align anymore I won't unfollow unless you do first!

also, I know everyone says this, but feel free to message me at any time!!!